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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kosmo's Food Story

"My name is Kosmo Alpert Manning. I'm a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, almost 13 years old. Most dogs of my breed don't live past the age of 10, so I'm lucky.

"When I first came to live with the Mannings I was about four years old. I'd eaten Iams Lamb & Rice, which smelled horrible. I ate it because that was all we were given, but I didn't like it. In fact, I used to throw up a lot--several times a week. I was a little overweight too. I saw the vet several times a year due to stomach problems.

"About seven years ago Mom started feeding me Flint River Ranch Senior Plus. I really like the food. I don't throw up very often anymore, and when I do it's because I ate something else that I shouldn't deer poop, horse poop or Kleenex.

"Until last year I was able to walk nearly two miles every day, up a steep hill to the mailbox. I don't do that anymore, but I still feel good and make several laps around the house by myself each day. Now I get to eat anytime I bark, and they're still giving me the Flint River Ranch Senior Plus. The glucosamine has helped my joints continue to work, and the food is mild enough for my sensitive tummy.

"Last year I got e-coli. The vet told us if it hadn't been for the really good food (Flint River Ranch), I might have died. She believes Flint River Ranch is one of the best...and so do I! After all, I'm planning to be a teenager in July!!"

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