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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baghdad Pups: A Great Project!

With so many worthy organizations needing your hard-earned dollars, it's daunting to try to decide who should get your spare change these days, if you even have any. But someone recently brought an organization to my attention, and I REALLY like the idea behind it!

The organization is called "Operation Baghdad Pups," and is run by the SPCA. Now, I am NOT a fan of the SPCA, due to its extreme and unreasonable stance on hunting and other wildlife issues. But at least they're doing something really worthwhile with the "Baghdad Pups" cause.

Here's what it's about: Let's say an American GI serving in Iraq befriends a stray dog, of which there are many over there. The dog hangs out with the GI and his unit, gets fed by his soldier, sleeps with his soldier, and waits for him at his base camp when the guy is sent into the field. This dog becomes everything to the soldier. It becomes his teddy bear, his reason to get back safely, his buddy who gives him unconditional love when the lonely soldier is so far from home. It becomes a simple point of stability and joy in a life that has otherwise turned raw with the realities of war.

Then the guy gets his orders to leave Iraq and return home. And he has to leave "his" dog behind.

Now, if you were this soldier, who had just experienced hell for the past year, wouldn't you find it therapeutic to have your beloved dog return with you? Let's face it...the dog probably gave him more happiness and warm fuzzy feelings than all the emails he ever received from home. YOU KNOW what a dog can do. YOU KNOW how important your dog is to your life. You also know how much these U.S. servicemen have given and sacrificed. Wouldn't you like to help return the favor?

You can, through Operation Baghdad Pups. This group raises money and coordinates the shipment of qualified Iraqi dogs back to the States to live with their soldiers. It's expensive and complicated. There are major stipulations on which dogs can be accepted into the program. The dogs must meet certain age, health, and personality criteria. They must be assured of having a U.S. home with a fenced yard waiting for them (presumably the home of the soldier's family).

This program covers a lot of bases.

It helps our veterans recover from war trauma.

It insures a good future for the stray dogs adopted by servicemen.

It is probably one of the least expensive "therapy" programs available.

Please take a look at it and consider sending some money to this program. If we're forced into "spreading our wealth around" by the next President, we might as well spread it where WE want it to go!

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