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Monday, April 28, 2008

Horror Story: Money-Eating Dog

Karen Fischer says...
Our newest pack member, Destiny, a 14-month-old Doxi-huahua-terrrierist recently ate a check for $300! We were out of town & our daughter Randi was staying at the house with all 3 dogs. She got the mail (check) & placed it on the dining table. Minutes later she found the dog happily tearing the check to shreds!! I guess we forgot to tell her Destiny can get on a chair & then the table. A few days later Mark was emptying the garbage, and she trotted out of the doggie door with $200 cash in her mouth! Luckily he caught her! Again, ownermalfunction-he didn't bother to put the cash in his wallet.

Our now 7-year-old dog Mia was once known as "Mia the Destroyer." There was an expensive area rug, 2 chairs, too many shoes to even remember, so many draperies-we now have ugly plastic vertical blinds that we can replace when broken.

Really this is only a fraction of things she destroyed, but for that I may not have met Jan who has changed my life & how I regard my dogs. I would not take a hundred of those "things" in place of the relationship I have with Mia & I am thankful every day for the privilege of loving & caring for such an amazing animal.

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