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Monday, April 28, 2008

Horror Story: The Landscaper

Leann Myers says...
A few summers ago we bought our house and a new mini schnauzer all in the same week. Even with everything in boxes, the dog managed to find something to destroy while we were at work. The previous owners of the house had put dripline sprinklers surrounding the perimeter of the property. In all the corners where the connections were, they anchored them down by burying large clay pots filled with cement, and covered the hoses ( the inexpensive home made version of underground sprinklers).

Imagine our surprise when we got home from work and found the entire system in the middle of the yard, drip lines, clay pots with cement, sprinklers and all in a huge pile.... with our darling little 9 month old schnauzer looking up at us, waiting for his dinner!! The look on
my husband's face was one I have yet to forget!!:)

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