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Monday, April 28, 2008

Horror Story: Ed Ate a Guest Room

Kate Riebe says...
Well, I have many horror stories featuring our large, mixed breed, Ed. Ed was originally a "kid's dog," but was always bonded to me from the day we picked him up at the Super 1 food store in Ellensburg 13 years ago. Ed has always had very bad separation anxiety & targeted what seemed to be my most prized possesions for total destruction if left too long. How did he know the oversize camel puppet, a gift from my aunt, was something I had much affection for? Shoes, of course, ALWAYS mine, as well as anything I particularly cared for. He would SEEK OUT objects I was sure were completely out of reach. I always knew when he'd gotten into something way before seeing the actual destruction. There he'd be as we drove up, ears turned back, head
lowered, tail & body wagging. We'd say "oh,oh ...what is it THIS time?" It was as if he was saying, "I'm really sorry, I just couldn't help myself, but I'm so glad you came back!"

He gradually got better over the years until recently. We had moved for the 4th time in 5
years & he was feeling very insecure. Ed does not like change. I was staying at Gail's house for a few days (with all 5 dogs). Ed & Simon were left in the back bedroom with their dog beds, chew toys, & my clothes. As familiar as I could make it. Gail came home at lunchtime to find: an anxious, shaking dog (Ed), molding completely ripped away from the door frame, carpet UNRAVELED & pulled up in front of the door & blinds pulled down from the window! Yikes! I don't know what made Ed so anxious that he felt he HAD to get out of that room, but
try he did. Thank God Gail is a dog person! I don't think someone not involved with dogs would be so understanding.

I have wanted to throttle him, but he is so honest, loving & loyal, it would be like raging at a 2-year-old. He's not TRYING to be bad; it is my fault for not anticipating how stressful leaving him can be.

Ed is becoming more secure now that we have been in one place for awhile, but I do not leave him unattended at anyone else's place now.

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