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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Your Chuck-It Deserves an "Ultra Ball"

For years I've been buying el-cheapo six-packs of doggy tennis balls to use with my Chuck-It ball launching wand. (If you don't know what a Chuck-It is, you obviously don't have a dog who loves chasing balls. The Chuck-It is a godsend for weak-armed owners of ball crazed turns you into a Major League pitcher).

Anyway, the el-cheapo tennis balls weren't working for my pit bull Lizzie. She's more interested in eating fuzzy tennis balls than retrieving them. One ball might last two throws, and she'd have it punctured by the time she got back to me. Plus, the tennis balls got soggy fast, and they'd quickly lose their bounce and distance.

So I decided to go for broke and invest in a couple Chuck-It "Ultra Balls." Instead of paying $4 for six cheap tennis balls, I paid about $7 for two "Ultras." AND I GOT WHAT I PAID FOR!!

These "Ultra Balls" are worth every penny. It's a month since I got them, and we're still working on the first ball. Lizzie hasn't popped it yet. This is a MUCH livelier ball, too. It flies much farther off the Chuck-It wand, and it bounces. It's lightweight and hollow, but it seems very strong.

Go on-line and Google "Chuck-It Ultra Balls." The company makes regular tennis balls too, but I'd pass them up and splurge on the "Ultras" instead. They come in two-packs and will run you between $4 and $8, depending on where you get them.

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