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Monday, October 20, 2008

The "B" list of dry dog foods

The "B" list is long, and I'm just listing a few examples. What makes a dog food "B" instead of "A" are one or two of these factors:

1. Not FDA food-grade ingredients (IOW, not fit for human consumption)
2. Chemicals for preserving, enhancing flavor
3. Steam-extruded instead of baked (baked kibble is easier to digest).
4. Ingredients purchased in small quantities from suppliers offering the best deal (rather than large quantities from food-grade companies offering consistent quality).
5. Shipping to your door is not offered, or is cost prohibitive.
6. Corn as an ingredient anywhere.
7. Not as digestible as the "A" foods.
8. Company products were recalled in '06.

The "B" foods:
Sensible Choice (products recalled in '06)
Natural Balance (products recalled in '06)
Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul (products recalled in '06)
Eagle (products recalled in '06)
Royal Canin (products recalled in '06)

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