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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Best Doggy Door Yet!

Doggy doors are wonderful if your home situation is appropriate for one. Finding a quality doggy door can be a challenge, however. The doors commonly sold at pet stores or through catalogs are of poor design. They deteriorate rapidly, they do not seal properly (which lets air and bugs into your home), and dogs can get tangled up in them.
We went through a couple doggy doors in your Yakima house. I bought them out of a dog supply catalog and ordered the most expensive version offered, figuring it would be the best. I was wrong! It fell apart after about two months of moderate use, and the magnets on the flap never did seal adquately. Oh, and it was made in China.

When we built our new house, we wanted something with true, lasting quality. I searched on the internet and found this website: This California company (Patio Pacific) sells nothing but pet doors, so they're familiar with the problems inherent with the cheap old catalog and pet store versions. From Patio Pacific's selection, we picked the "Endura Flap" door, made in the U.S. and made to last. The quality was evident as soon as we opened the boxes.

The Endura Flap is holding up very well. It's mounted lower than some of the others we've had, making at more negotiable even for old, feeble guys like Atlas.

If you're shopping for a doggy door, please check out this website: before you buy anything local.

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Sally Chapman said...

I have had one for two years! (of course mine is toy poodle sized.) I depend on the clattering of the flaps to help me monitor the dog's location from anywhere on my mobile home lot. Poodle enjoys patroling the fenced yard, and all is good. miss u, Jan
best regards
sally chapman