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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Consider a Raw Diet for Your Dog

Okay, so commercial dry kibble just doesn't set right with you...or your dog...for one reason or another. What's the alternative?

Raw food. Dog owners who've made the switch to a raw diet absolutely swear by it. They claim it's the most natural diet for their dogs, and that it cures all sorts of allergies and immunity problems, leaves the teeth clean and white, the breath fresh, and the coat thick and shiny.

Originally called the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food), it calls for feeding things like raw turkey necks, raw meats, raw vegetables, and lots of raw beef bones. Proponents of the diet say it's a little intimidating to get started, but ends up being as simple as feeding a dry kibble.

To find out more about the BARF diet, simply Google BARF diet, or Dr. Ian Billinghurst (he's the author of this plan) and you'll get lots of supportive information.

Ultimately I chose to stick with Flint River Ranch for my dogs' food, because nothing seemed easier or more delicious for them. All my dogs have always drained their bowls immediately when they contained Flint. But I wouldn't be opposed to "going raw" instead, if I had only one dog to feed. I do know this: a well balanced "raw" diet is going to be FAR AND AWAY better than those big-name foods that got Ds and Fs in our rating article last week.

Chicken neck, anyone??

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