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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time for an ID Check

Have you "carded" your dog recently?

Take time today to check your dog's identification tags.  If he got lost today, you'd want to get him back tonight, and current ID tags are his best ticket home.  Check for these things:
  • Are the tags still attached to his collar?
  • Is the tag lettering readable, or has wear and tear rubbed out the engraving?
  • Is the information up to date?
My all-time best recommendation for collar tags is from  You can get a military dog tag-style metal engraved plate for under $4.  It will remain readable forever, it won't break, and it won't fall off if you put it on securely.  You can even get a silencer for it (included free) if you don't like listening to tags jingle on your dog's neck.  Me, I like it; it helps me keep tabs on my dogs.

If your dog also has a microchip, have its location and readability checked the next time you stop by your vet's office.  Sometimes the chips can migrate.  Plus, you may need to update the information with the microchip company if you have recently moved.

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