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Friday, October 9, 2009

Barksolver MIGHT work for you!

In response to the post a couple weeks ago about how to stop nuisance barking,  my good friend Karen (who is a top-notch dogmom!) informed me of a device called a Barksolver x40 that she swears has worked wonders for her dogs.   I heard the same testimonial from another person!  So I looked it up on Amazon.  You can buy one of these for around $55.

Product Description
The Intellipet Bark Solver X40 is the safe and humane way to cure outdoor problem barking. The unit activates automatically when barking begins and emits a harmless, corrective, ultrasonic tone to eliminate barking within 40 feet. When the barking stops, the correction stops and dogs quickly learn to stop barking! Bark Solver x40 can be used in yards and kennels where problem barking exists. Requires four "D" Batteries.

I also read the reviews--there were only two--and they were both a bit dismal.   Both stated that other neighborhood noises, including rain and wind, can set this thing off.  The other complaint was that the dogs don't like it but they either got desensitized to it or just left the area when it "went off."

That said, what didn't work for two people I don't know DID work for two people I DO know.  Y'know?  So...whatever.  It might be worth trying if you have exhausted all other behavior modification methods and are facing getting rid of your dog or having him surgically debarked.  Me, I still favor electronic no-bark collars for their simplicity.  But DON'T get the "citronella spray" type.  They don't work and don't last.

1 comment:

jack said...

If you have another dog in your family, I assume the non-barker will have to endure the ultrasonic sound too.
I can see this imprinting behaviors on the "good" dog that weren't intended.