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Monday, April 28, 2008

Horror Stories with Happy Endings

Thanks for sending me your own "horror stories" of dog destruction. Of course they're posted here, not REALLY for my husband who's grieving his chewed-up boot (he's over it by now), but for all the rest of you who have "been there" or are headed in that direction.

There is a profound theme running through each of the stories that follow. It's a theme of love and acceptance. I personally know almost every one of these dogs and owners, and I know how deeply and totally these "bad" dogs have been loved for many years. No one got rid of a dog because of its destruction. To the contrary, they are among the most cherished of any dogs I've ever had as my students.

Gail Gregory ("Got Drywall?") says the damaged wall will make her think of Tanner and smile, long after he's gone. Nicole of Selah says her dogs just damaged STUFF, none of which was as enriching to her as the dogs have been. Karen Fischer says, despite Mia's destructiveness, she's thankful every day for the privilege of loving and caring for such an amazing dog. Even Jim Reddick got over his gunstock being chewed up. Yes, it's still painful to remember...but he retells the story with a smirk and a twinkle in his eye!

And Lizzie's sleeping under the covers next to Don again....

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