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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mites in the Beneful Bag

Hi, Jan,
My yellow Lab puppy Nellie and I took your Leadership class in Yakima with Jane Bumgardner in the fall of 2006. Nellie has enjoyed Flint River dog food since then and for some time I had been trying to talk my daughter into giving it to her pug (the same age as Nellie). She did not follow up with my suggestion until last week. She had been feeding her dog Purina's Beneful dry dog food and one morning found that the bag of food was infested with small white mites that looked like dust or salt particles. It had spread to a cat food bag nearby and unfortunately, to some of her kitchen cupboards and counters. She was lucky in getting the problem under control with disinfectants and sprays (and throwing out a lot of food). She looked for information about this online and found websites where many other Beneful customers had experienced the same or worse situations. Needless to say, I raced down to Manning Dog Training and bought my daughter a bag of Flint River dogfood. She is now a convert and her dog food mites are under control.

While this may seem like a "testimonial" to your Flint River dog food for being pure, clean and safe, it is also a wake up call to pet owners who may notice a dusty covering spreading in other dog food brands (the dust is actually mites that infest and reproduce quickly). I don't know which other brands fit this description but I would encourage pet owners to check their dry pet foods regularly - or just change to Flint River dogfood and avoid problems!
Sincerely, Nancy Fluegge
Yakima, WA

Note: The mites are common in lesser quality (pet grade) dog foods, and are one of the causes of allergies. Human-grade food (like Flint River) does not have this problem. Also, human-grade grains used in high quality dog foods (like Flint River) are clean and fresh, while pet-grade grains may be moldy--another cause of dog allergies. You can NOT buy human-grade pet food in the grocery store or most pet stores. If your dog's food bag doesn't say "FDA human-grade" or some such terminology, pass it by.

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Shane said...

I took my dog to the vet three days ago and they did a fecal centrifugal. They found something in her feces that indicated mites. The vet notified me Thursday morning, which just so happened to be the morning my dog was throwing up for no apparent reason. They advised me to get new dog food and seal it in a container so as not to be exposed to air. I did just that.
Thing is I've always bought Beneful. So I bought a new bag of Beneful and a brand new airtight container to store it in. 48 hours later the air tight container was full of literally millions, and I'm not exaggerating, MILLIONS of these little white mites.
With a quick glance they look like dust. Look closer, with a flash light maybe, and you see them move. I'm never buying Beneful again! I'm going back into PetSmart with the airtight container still full of Beneful and I'm going to bring it to there attention. I've read that the mites aren't harmful, but when my dog is vomiting for no apparent reason and this comes up I have to wonder. I don't expect a refund, but I expect them to maybe do something about it. Maybe I'm expecting to much?