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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Rescue Group Needs Dog Food

"Wags to Riches," Yakima's newest animal sanctuary, is now listed on!( )For more information about it, you can contact Donna Prime at

One of the things the rescue group has asked for is HIGH QUALITY pet food. There are several reasons they've requested "high quality" food, as opposed to grocery-store pet food.

1. It's much more nutritious, and the animals who are rescued from poor conditions are more likely to need top nutrition in a hurry.

2. It goes farther. "High quality" pet food is more digestible. Caregivers can feed less, AND they have much less stool to clean up; because the food is so digestible, there is little waste.

3. It's more economical in the long run. Less food is needed because high quality food is concentrated.

To help "Wags to Riches" get started, please consider ordering a bag of Flint River Ranch dog or cat food from You can have the order shipped directly to the shelter (shipping is free). The address is:
Wags to Riches
c/o Donna Prime
3506 S. 3rd St.
Union Gap, WA 98903

Go to now, order a 20-pound bag of food, and have it sent to Wags to Riches at the address above. UPS will deliver it in about 3 days, and the group can dispense it to the foster dogs in need. Thank you!

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