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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Excessive Shedding Stopped!

A couple weeks back, my student Violet wrote in asking about how to stop the horrible shedding with Shadow, her white German Shepherd rescue. I pointedly advised her to get a better dog food (she was feeding Pedigree).

She started Shadow on Flint River Ranch Puppy & Adult Kibble a few days later. Last Sunday when they came to agility practice, I scarcely recognized the dog. Her long, course hair was gone, and in its place was soft, shorter white hair. This too-skinny dog had also put on a pound or two. She looked wonderful!

Violet said she could hardly believe the difference. She says Shadow loves the food, whereas she just picked at her former diet. Violet is so sold on Flint River Ranch that she and her husband are going to become distributors and send it to their kids' dogs in California.

If your dog has problems with excessive shedding, rough coat, itchy ears, itchy skin, discoloration of feet, or other allergy-type conditions, the first thing you should do is switch to a clean dog food. Read labels. Avoid anything with chemical preservatives, food colorings or flavor enhancers, or by-products of any kind.

Pencil out the prices and you'll find that Flint River Ranch is much more affordable than most of the other high-end dog foods. get it shipped directly to your home!

Good nutrition is SO important to your dog (and cat). And it costs only a few cents more per day to keep your pets healthy and extend their lives.

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