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Friday, August 28, 2009

Your dog sheds too much?

It sounds way too simple, but your vet will tell you the same thing: the best way to reduce your dog's shedding is to IMPROVE his diet.

Shedding is normal; we all do it. But EXCESSIVE shedding is just as serious to your dog as clumpy hair loss is to you. There's something wrong with your system when it happens. It's a SIGNAL that something needs fixing from the inside out.

If your dog is subsisting on grocery store or feed store dog "feed," or even if he's eating a nationally advertised brand, he's not getting the nutrition he needs for internal health and external sheen. So you can put up with the shedding and continue complaining about it...or you can fix the problem. Your dog would rather you fixed the problem. His life would be happier, he'd feel better, he'd itch less, and he'd probably require even fewer trips to the vet.

A truly "good"dry food is going to be made with human-grade ingredients. It will contain no fillers, no additives, no color enhancers, and no chemical preservatives. It will smell clean, not like rancid grease. It will be highly digestible, so you feed less of it and your dog poops less. It will be delicious to even your finicky dog, because it's made with the same foods that humans eat.

Flint River Ranch is one of those foods. I've fed it to my own dogs with total confidence and wonderful results for eight years. A 20-pound bag of regular Flint kibble costs $32.99, and that includes the shipping and delivery to your door. Check out the rest of the prices and formulas at my website, (Note: you'll see my picture on this website. If you don't see my picture, you're at the wrong website.) I can even set up automatic shipments at whatever interval and volume you choose.

The food comes from Georgia, where the company headquarters are located. Flint River Ranch Pet Food has been around since 1992. It has never been recalled. It's not sold in stores...only through distributors like me. This saves on national advertising, and the company puts this saved money back into the quality of the ingredients.

Flint River Ranch has been voted numerous times as one of the top 10 holistic dog foods in the country. It's affordable and available. Just contact me! And stop buying so many vacuum cleaner bags!!

Click here to order! And thank you!!

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Annie Eichler said...

AND, you could also donate that shed hair to Wags to Riches animal rescue in Union Gap, WA! It's easy, and we'll take all the shedding the Flint River might not catch! For more information, go to

Thanks, Jan, for letting me publicize!