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Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Supplement We All Need

The jury's still out on the actual long-term benefits of many "nutraceuticals," or vitamins and supplements, for both people and pets.

But one supplement has received nearly universal endorsement from both veterinarians and the human medical community:  fish oil.

The "omega-3 fatty acids" in fish oil have been proven to fight allergies and inflammation. Fish oil also provides immune system support.  It's even been shown to help cognitive functioning in geriatric pets.  And it certainly promotes a healthy, shiny coat, which minimizes itching, flaking and shedding.

You can now buy fish oil in just about any pet store.  Quality varies, along with price.  We prefer to keep it simple; we buy the fish oil capsules (for people) at Costco and share them with the dogs; each of us gets one a day.  The price is right, and the dogs love them; they think they're treats.  We either dispense them directly from our hands to their mouths, or we toss them into their food dishes at breakfast.  If you have a dog that refuses pills, you can buy fish oil in a pump bottle at most pet stores, and squirt it directly into their food.

Most holistic vets these days will tell you they consider fish oil downright indispensable in your dog's diet.  You can't go wrong with this supplement!

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Heidi said...

I have been feeding Costco fish oil as a supplement for a few years now. It is affordable and consistent in quality. The DHA and EPA in each tablet, when given at the dose of 1 capsule/10# body weight, has been shown to reduce joint inflammation and help with joint lubrication. My old girl, Josie, suffers from spondylosis and arthritis. She takes 3 capsules daily and has shown noticeable improvement in mobility and comfort, allowing me to use NSAIDs far less frequently (which can have more negative side effects). My younger boys also get one capsule daily - they look and act so healthy, and everyone comments on their coats! (A nice 'side effect'). I highly recommend this supplement to every dog owner!

-Heidi Faith