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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sam has a friend with cancer

Sam is a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier who lives in Yakima. This is the story of Sam and his friend Gus, who has cancer.

Sam's mom says...
"For months our neighbors with their German Shorthair and Scottie dog have stopped their morning walk in front of our house to wait for our Wheaten to come out and greet them. Sam mainly gave his attention to the Pointer. One recent morning he only greeted the Scottie, smelling around his neck and then laying down beside him and leaning on him. It was such an unusual thing, none of us wanted to talk - we just watched the dogs. I saw tears in the owner's eyes as she told us her Scottie had just been diagnosed with cancer. Now we watch each morning as Sam sniffs the area of the tumors, lays down next to him, and leans in as if he is willing Gus to live. We find this so amazing."

To be amazed, particularly in this very cynical world, is to be simultaneously humbled and blessed. It is amazing, in itself, that dogs can deliver this gift to us better than most people can.

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