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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Achy Joints in Cold Weather

Does your dog have trouble "starting up" in the morning? Does he have trouble rising after a long rest, does he limp for those first few steps, does he act stiff?

In people, they call this "start-up pain." Most of us get it as we age. Most of us are affected by touches of wear-and-tear arthritis. Our bones and joints wear down and don't work as smoothly as they used to. Injuries and overuse in our younger days lead to inflammation that eat away at our joints, causing more stiffness.

There are two popular ways for dealing with such conditions these days in people. We take glucosamine products to hopefully rebuild joint tissue to achieve smoother joint movement. We also take NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like Aleve, Advil, and Excedrin) to knock out the inflammation right away so we can get going. Glucosamine is long-term relief. NSAIDS are immediate relief.

Many of us now give our dogs glucosamine products too, for the same reasons we take them ourselves. HOWEVER, those glucosamine pills don't do a thing to help your dog right now if he's experiencing pain or stiffness. They may help in a few weeks, but your old guy deserves immediate relief.

For immediate pain relief, you can get prescription anti-inflammatories from your vet, OR you can try an herbal, homeopathic remedy like JOINT RESCUE. The problem with the prescriptions is that they're very expensive and can be harmful to your dog when used over a long term. That's why we've used JOINT RESCUE for our older dogs for several years now, with incredible results.

JOINT RESCUE gives immediate relief from stiffness and aching joint with the herbal anti-inflammatories yucca, botsweilan, and circuman. They are safe and have no long-term side effects. JOINT RESCUE also contains a glucosamine/chondroitin compound for long-term joint health.

There are a lot of good natural joint products on the market these days for your dogs. Just be sure they offer BOTH immediate and long-term relief. While glucosamine products are helpful, they do not offer immediate relief. Only a natural painkiller or anti-inflammatory can do that.

JOINT RESCUE is sold by Ark Naturals. It comes in a tasty pill form. A 90-count bottle retails for $26-$32. A similar quantity of prescription anti-inflammatories (like Rimadyl or Deramax) can be three times that expensive! Give JOINT RESCUE a try if your dog needs ongoing joint relief. We still have Deramax on hand for those times when our old dogs might be in worse (and temporary) pain, but our day-to-day pill of choice is the JOINT RESCUE.

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Geng said...

I definitely agree with "Glucosamine is long-term relief. NSAIDS are immediate relief."

But the bigger part is NSAID can be dangerous if people don't know the side effects.

No dog should live in pain.