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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her itching has stopped!

Dear Jan,
Kayla's itching has stopped!  I want to thank you for suggesting to me that I switch her food to Flint River Ranch Trout & Sweet Potato.  Within days of switching, her itching lessened, and now she's comfortable again.  She shed out a lot of hair when we first started the new food, and now that we're on our second 40 pounds, her hair is coming back thicker, softer and shinier than before.  I can't believe switching foods made such a difference.  Thanks again for the recommendation. By the way, she absolutely loves this food too, and I'm so glad I can have it delivered right to my house.
Your friend,

If your dog has itchy skin, your first action should be to upgrade to a hypoallergenic dog food.  Many times the ingredients in common commercial dog foods set up an allergic reaction for your dog.  Eliminating the chemicals, the flavor enhancements, corn and other undesirable grains can often fix the problem.  Flint River Ranch's "Trout and Sweet Potato" formula (aka Fish 'n' Chips) is the company's finest product.  Order it by clicking here:

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