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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't buy Costco dog jerky!!

It looks good, it SOUNDS good as you read the package information...until you see "MADE IN CHINA" on the bottom of the bag.

Please don't buy the "chicken jerky" and "duck jerky" dog treats at Costco! These are the "Kingdom Pets" brand. The packaging claims that they're USDA grade, made with pure ingredients, nothing evil, and they weren't part of "the recall" back a few years ago.

They're still MADE IN CHINA, and I don't trust the Chinese to put my American dog's health and welfare above their profit. In fact, I don't trust them to consider my dog's health at all. I'm sure they couldn't care less if my dog became ill from eating contaminated Chinese junk food.

While finding the product photos for this post, I did some research on "Kingdom Pets" and found in their FAQ section this very question: "Why does the chicken come from China?" Their answer: because Chinese people prefer to eat dark meat over white meat, so they save all the white meat for these dog products rather than waste it. Excuse me for being skeptical, but this sounds like a lame, defensive statement. If their product is good, they wouldn't need an upfront defense.

China is not our friend. It's hard to avoid "Made-in-China" gadgets, but it's easy to avoid Made-in-China products that we use on or in our bodies (or our pets' bodies).

Costco tends to listen to its patrons. Do your pets a favor and let Costco know you don't want Chinese-made pet products, particularly food, in their stores any longer. Here's a link so you can email them today:


VinoTheDog said...


Your dog training information is usually pretty good, so I thought this comment on Costco dog jerky would also be informative.

Unfortunately it reads like an anti-Chinese tirade and reeks of racism. Do you for a moment think that American capitalists have a higher concern for YOUR dog over their profits?

Jan said...

Yes, I not only think so, I know so.

VinoTheDog said...

Please explain how you KNOW so and what it is you know!

I did 3 years research on dog food when my old dog had cancer and did not find very much to provide confidence in american pet food manufacturers. If you really do know what you claim, you will do a service by providing creditable information and sources. Otherwise, your claim that you KNOW is only self righteousness to justify racist attitudes the Inland Northwest has a national reputation for.

I know there is a lot of crap coming from China, but will not go so far as to brand an entire population just because they "are not our friends" as you say. In any case, the Chinese own most of america now because our capitalists sold it to them for profits. You may just have to get used to it.

jason said...

I love stumbling on a critique of capitalism and examination of nationalist prejudices on a blog that covers the essential discussions of the day- dog treats! Seriously, this is like the opposite of what the internet usually generates, thanks Vino.

Dawn said...

I'm with Vino. I also did mucho research when my Dakota had diabetes and was absolutely appalled. My dogs I have now (Dakota has since passed) have benefited from my research and eat only quality dog food. I also cooked food for my female for her first year of life and ONLY foods I would eat. I've since moved to a quality kibble as we acquired her brother and cooking got to be a handful. However, I do agree not to buy these jerky treats and, I have to be honest, the fact that it's from China, does turn me off of them.

Ralph said...

Nothing factual is presented here, just bias. We have fed our dogs Kingdom Pets jerky for years with no problems.

There are a certain percentage of pets that get sick and die. Its very traumatic to the owner, but before blaming it on their pet food, get a vetinary to do a autopsy send to in the food for analysis.

Then you will have some facts and not just blather.

Kevin said...

I'm with Vino on this one. The original post shows no factual information; only bias towards China. I have fed my pomeranian kingdom pets jerky for years and he still goes crazy for it when I get close to the bag. Kingdom Pets boasts a perfect safety record - meaning each time a claim has come up against them, they were able to test the product beat the claims. Please get your facts straight next time before you "blather" as Raplph puts it.

Mark said...

It is so refreshing to see THINKING people blogging on this topic. I know that bad products exist and cause terrible problems, but people are so ready to blame anyone or anything. Why can't people accept that bad things sometimes happen? If I died of a heart attack after eating a french fry... it's got to be the fry's!!!
As for the Chinese, and their products...people are allowed to have their opinions of course but if you want to appeal to a mass audience, beware you show your true colors...and especially don't try to pass off opinion as fact.

Twisty said...

I am agree with Vino. I went to China with my Husband last year and shopped around in China's grocery stores, you can find cheap, bad quality products but also lots of high quality, expensive items. China didn't put all the cheap products in US market, it's American buyers brought them in for their own benifit. China can not push all the low quliaty cheap products into Ameircan market without buyer's aggrement!! by the way, my dog love those duck jerky from Costco, I bet they are much healty than MacDonalds food.

Anonymous said...

I used to feed these to my dogs. My smaller dog had a chronic kidney infection that wouldn't go away. Finally, the vet suggested taking her off the treats. We had already changed her dog food. The only thing left was the treats. We stopped giving them to her and the kidney infection went away. This was two years ago and she has been fine since. Costco still sells these but the FDA has never found anything wrong with them. All I can tell you is my dog got well as soon as we stopped giving them to her. If you go into PetsMart or any other pet store, you'll fine about 60% of their dog treats come from China. I will not buy any dog treat from China now.

Paul Howard said...

This post just shows you have never been to China. Food is great, people are wonderful, beer is 10 cents for about 16 oz. Such a fun place to vist.

Just because we choose to vilify our manufactures, corporations and charge them the highest tax rates of all nations and regulate them to death doesn't mean others can't make good stuff. This is a choice our "visionary" leaders have made and fallout of class warefare in the US. So don't sign that petition, the costco stuff is great, you'll just cause them to get lower quality jerky for higher prices.

Jennifer Lynn said... - "Blue Buffalo" brands seems to be in the clear, but indeed there is question on the rest.