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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fourth of July Warning!

Dogs hate July 4. They love the hotdogs and goodies that fall to the ground from your guests' plates at the backyard barbecue. But they HATE the fireworks. The sounds are unpredictable and unnatural to dogs...and that's enough to drive them bonkers.

Protect your dog, whether you're home or not this Fourth of July. Make sure you have a SECURE yard from which a crazed dog cannot escape! Better idea is to keep your dog indoors, protected from the noise. Kennel him if necessary in your home, and turn the TV or radio on loud enough to mask the strange sounds outside.

If your dog is extremely sensitive to loud noises, check with your vet for mild sedatives you can give your dog. A more natural route would be to try "Rescue Remedy" or a similar product made with all-natural, herbal calming agents.

Is yours a particularly noisy neighborhood? Take your dog to a quieter location and enjoy some peace an d quiet together. Just make sure he's on a leash, particularly if he's in a location that's unfamiliar to him.

Check your dog's identification tags. He MUST have some on him! If they're not current, fix the problem BEFORE the 4th. Shelters are full of lost dogs after the Fourth of July because fireworks can drive even the calmest dog to do dangerous things like climb, jump, or dig out of backyards in order to escape the frightening noise.


Susan Vasquez said...
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Susan Vasquez said...

One can also help your dog 'get over it' with a bit of preparation. I believe you refer to it as 'flooding' in another post?

Getting them used to loud, unexpected noises before the 4th makes for a much less stressed pup. I usually work with fire crackers and treats... with only one exception, all my kids have come to associate the 4th, and New Years, with getting the best treats of the whole year, every time that loud noise happens! The one exception doesn't mind the noise, but goes crazy seeing the lights and 'fire' of ground fireworks.