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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dangerous Dog Toy!

The ball pictured above is deadly to your dog. It is made by Four Paws, but you will probably find similarly dangerous toys from other dog toy manufacturers.

The link below documents the story of Chai, a 10-year-old Lab mix who chewed up this ball and got it stuck on his tongue due to suction. There was no hole in the other end of the ball (like there is in, for example, a Kong). That's what caused the suction. The dog's tongue was stuck so long that it swelled tremendously and necessitated emergency surgery to remove the ball. The tongue eventually had to be amputated because of the damage that had been done to it due to swelling.

Do NOT give your dog a toy like this! If you'd like more details, and if you'd like to email the Four Paws company to lodge a complaint (the company has thus far been resistant to accepting an y responsibility), please go to this link:

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