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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Food that tastes like TREATS!

Jan, I've started my dog in agility training, and we're using treats. However, he's not interested in the biscuit pieces I've bought him at the grocery store. I've seen your dog respond so well in class to the treats you use. What are you giving to her?" Michele

It's plain old Flint River Ranch Original Puppy & Adult Kibble...basically the same thing she gets for dinner. It tastes so delicious to dogs that they think it's like candy! I like it because of its non-uniform crumbly texture. The pieces are all different shapes and sizes, so it keeps Lizzie interested.

Dogs consider Flint River Ranch more like a treat because it tastes more like "human food." It's made with real chicken meat and fresh grains. Grocery store dog biscuits are made with low-quality junk "meat byproducts," sawdust-like fillers, and chemical flavor enhancers.

Even though I've bought Lizzie some expensive all-natural, moist and chewy treats made with liver, salmon and the likes, she still prefers the size, taste and crunch of a piece of Flint River Ranch kibble! When I'm training for agility or obedience, I simply fill my bait bag with this stuff, which is her "regular" food. No grease, no smell, no gooey stuff in my pockets. Just clean kibble.

My agility students often come to class with poor quality treats and their dogs are disinterested. On countless occasions I've given them a handful of Flint River Ranch to try, and their dogs light up. It's a lot cheaper than buying a little bag of junk treats too!

Try a bag, for food or for treats. Order it right here, from me, and I'll have UPS deliver it to your doorstep in about 5 days:

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