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Monday, December 17, 2007

Lost Registration Papers

Hi Jan,
My Great Dane, Mattie, and I took a course at Manning about a year ago. She is doing wonderful.

I have an unrelated question. We bought Mattie from a friend's sister when she was less than a year old. My friend's sister had gotten her as a gift from her boyfriend who had bought Mattie from the breeder in West Valley. I was not given her purebred paperwork because my friend's sister and the person who had bought Mattie had broken up and the paperwork was apparently thrown away. My question to you is if you might know of another way that I can get a copy of her paperwork. We are not interesting in breeding Mattie, we had her spayed. I simply want it so that I can know about her. For example, her exact birthday, etc. just for my information. :) She is the first purebred dog I've ever owned. I have gotten in touch with

the breeder, however have been trying for over a year to get a copy of the paperwork and she has stopped responding to me.

Would you by any chance know any other way or have any ideas that may help me??

I've also attached a recent photo of her sitting. :) She's so good at that! Thanks for the wonderful training!! It was priceless!!

Thanks so much,

Christin James

Hi Christin,
I've done a little reasearch at the AKC site, and what I find isn't encouraging for your situation. Basically, AKC says you have to get the paperwork from the breeder (who presumably registered the litter). If you've tried contacting the breeder and she hasn't responded, there's a chance she never registered the which case, no records will be available anywhere. You might contact AKC yourself and see if this particular breeder has any litters registered the year you think Mattie was born. You might find out her birthday that way, and possibly the sire and dam's names, number of puppies, etc. However, AKC may opt to not get involved.

I have a favorite Dane breeder in West Valley, but it's not the same person as Mattie's breeder. Mary Ellen Dupre' and her family had been Dane breeders for many years. They may not be into it anymore, but you could call her and see if she knows anything about this other breeder's litters. I've always loved her dogs.

Keep in mind that if you ever want to show Mattie in rally, obedience, agility (yes, Danes do agility too!), or any other performance events, you can easily obtain a "limited" registration on her through AKC that will allow you to enter her in these events with purebreds. It's called an "Indefinite Listing Privilege" and involved a simple application, a spay certificate, a couple good photos of the dog, and a small fee. Here's the link of you're interested: AKC-ILP

If you haven't already started Mattie in some of the competition classes at Manning Dog Training, give them a call at 574-4008. The trainers there are the best in the state!

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mgus said...

My wife bought a Dane from Mary Ellen Dupre 9 years ago. Wonderful dog, we're trying to find contact info for Mary Ellen. Do you have a phone number for her?