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Monday, June 30, 2008

Salmon Poisoning Clarification

A couple weeks ago we ran a story about the deadliness of salmon when ingested by dogs. How can this be, when so many good dog treats are using salmon? Well, here's some clarification on the subject:

Some raw salmon IS poisonous to dogs, but not ALL salmon is poisonous to dogs. (In fact, salmon is commonly used in dog treats and dog food). Most salmon poisoning episodes have occurred on the West Coast (particularly Oregon and Washington).

To be on the safe side, avoid giving your dog access to any dead, raw fish on the beach, or fish parts left over from cleaning. Keep the lid securely on the garbage can after you've cooked and eaten salmon.

To be even safer, avoid giving your dog any salmon unless it's been processed into a healthful dog food or dog treat.

For more information, contact WSU Veterinary Clinic's resource site.

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