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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Help the Gustav Dogs Now!

This morning (Sunday, Aug. 31), I spoke with Liz Walker, director of the Bossier City Animal Control Shelter in Bossier City, Louisiana. This is one of the main shelters accepting dogs and cats from refugees of the Hurricane Gustav area.

She said most of the pets they were taking in were from poor people who had evacuated their homes and were riding out the storm in public shelters set up by Red Cross, FEMA and other groups. (Many of these shelters don't accept pets.) While we talked, she said there was a line of people waiting out front to drop off their animals, and she expected 200 more dogs and cats by tonight. The shelter can take more, if need be. The animals will probably remain at the Bossier City shelter for possibly a week, and maybe longer if Gustav turns out to be another devastating storm like Katrina.

When I asked if the city animal shelter could use dog food, she said, "OH YES, PLEASE!!!" I told her I was a dog food distributor and that maybe I could rally some people to send dog and cat food donations. She was thrilled at the prospect.

If you'd like to send Flint River Ranch dog or cat food to the shelter, you can do it real simply by going to my website,, and ordering the products you want to ship. Then, in the "SHIP TO" address on the checkout page, put:

Bossier City Animal Control Shelter
3217 Old Shed Rd.
Bossier City, LA 71111

I'll process your order immediately, and the food should reach them via UPS by Tuesday...just about the time the need gets most critical.

Thanks for your help, and for thinking of those displaced dogs and cats in Louisiana.


Dakota said...

I live in Austin, TX and do not have any pets. I am a dog lover and am also interested in dog-sitting for anyone who's hotel, etc will not let them bring their animal.

Dakota said...

Small dogs please since I do live in an apartment. I will walk, feed and love your dog/dogs!!!