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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You gave good moments!

A student was telling me how her heart had been broken by a dog she rescued from near death and starvation, only to have the dog die of another physical ailment six months later.

"I put so much effort into trying to get her better after I rescued her," she recalled. "I wanted her to have a good life, since she'd had such a bad one for the first three years of her life."

"She DID have a good life," I reminded her. "She had the best six months any dog could ever have, with your care and love. When she was dying, all she was thinking about was the present, and how much you loved her. She wasn't thinking about how hard her early life had been."

Dogs live "in the moment." There's no yesterday, and no tomorrow. There's only the "now." When a well loved dog dies, there's no sense in saying, "Poor little Mugsie, she had such a rough start in life." Instead, you should be thinking, "Wow, Mugsie had as great a life as a dog could have, and it's because we gave it to her." Even if the life you shared together was too short in duration, it was better than her life would have been without you.

If you've ever rescued an animal and helped it had a happy life--even if it was a short one--you've done a great thing. When a dog lives "in the moment," it's only TODAY that matters. Don't pity the animal you have rescued. Instead, celebrate the new life you've given it. Move on, away from the memories of bad times, and embrace the present.

Yesterday was cold and rainy, but today is so sunny and beautiful it's difficult to even remember yesterday. So why dwell on it? Go take your dog for a walk in the sun.

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