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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which formula of dog food?

Hi Jan,
I know you feed your dogs Flint River Ranch, but which formula? I want to start my dogs on it but am confused about which one to get. What's the difference?

Lizzie gets the "Trout & Sweet Potato" (i.e. "Fish & Chips") formula. She had bad skin problems when I got her. Whether it was due to allergies or just a poor immune system, I thought the Trout and Sweet Potato would be best. With no grains and lots of Omega-3 fatty acid from the fish oil, I figured that would be best for her. It worked. She eats about two cups a day. I now believe it was an immune system problem and not an allergy, as she's able to eat a variety of "treats" now without incident. In fact, for training treats I just give her the "Senior Plus" kibble that her old Uncle Kosmo eats.

Kosmo, who's nearly 13 years old, has been on the "Senior Plus" since he came to live with us at age 6. Needless to say, it's doing the job! It's a chicken meat and whole-grain formula, with glucosamine and chondroitin added for joint health. Protein level is about 16%.

The most popular of all Flint River formulas continues to be the original "Puppy & Adult Kibble," which is also a chicken meat/whole-grain formula with higher protein (about 23%). It's also the least expensive Flint River formula. In fact, the company recently DROPPED its prices on the Puppy & Adult Kibble by several dollars per 20 pounds!

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