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Monday, May 25, 2015

Safer stairs with "Puppy Treads"

It took only a few years for our dogs' toenails to do a number on our beautiful hardwood stairs, installed in 2007.  My husband was planning to refinish them this summer.

And then.....and then....and then along came Puppy Treads, a new product  designed to protect stairs from wear while making them a zillion times safer for dogs and people.

Actually, the company contacted me to see if I'd like to try the product and write an independent review on my blog.  I was skeptical but said, "Sure!" and a week later I received a complementary box of 15 Puppy Treads to test on my own stairs.    WOW!!  Now, instead of refinishing stairs, my hubby will have time to go fishing this summer!  We're both amazed at the quality of these thing!

Puppy Treads are made by the same company that makes the folding pet ramps (which we've also used for getting infirmed or geriatric dogs in and out of our vehicles). The company is "Handi-Ramp," and they make a complete line of quality home and commercial safety products.  Puppy Treads are apparently one of their newest products, and they are sure to catch on in a big way as people discover how great they are.

Here's what a Puppy Tread looks like: it's 6" x 24" (although they come in other sizes as well).  It's a flexible, thin type of textured vinyl with a paper backing that you peel off when you're setting them in place on your steps.  The backside isn't tacky; there's no sticky residue and absolutely no mess.  I don't really know what keeps them in place, but they really stay put, without marring the wood surface of the step in any way. Puppy Treads come in three colors: black, gray, and translucent, which is what I chose.  When I first installed them,  I thought the translucent ones would detract from the sheen and color of the rest of the steps, but with a few weeks of use they have blended right in.  And they haven't budged since I laid them in place.  (By the way, installation took me all of five minutes!)

I haven't even tried to peel them up and have no reason or desire to do so.  However, the product literature claims they will leave no stain or marks whatsoever.  I placed mine on the very edges of the steps, where the dogs' nails had dug in and worn into the tread.  Now I feel those steps are completely protected from the traffic of two rambunctious Labs and one bulldog.

Besides being attractive and protective "Band-aids" for our steps, they've also given us peace of mind.  Our bulldog has been known to stumble and tumble down to breakfast when he first wakes up, and both our Labs have had orthopedic surgeries.  So we're anxious to make our stairs safe for them.  Puppy Treads are providing that increased safety.  When I first installed them, the dogs thought they should step around the treads.  Since then, they've discovered how comfy and secure the treads feel under their paws, so now they aim for the Puppy Treads as they're going up and down the stairs.

It's worth mentioning that this is a great people product too.  My husband and I are both active seniors, living with the typical aches, pains and stiffness associated with aging.  I love negotiating these steps and feeling the grippy Puppy Treads under my bare feet.  I'm not going to slip on these!

Thus far, keeping them clean has been a cinch.  I have used the vacuum and broom on them, and the dog hair and dust come off with ease.

Puppy Treads also work on vinyl and tile flooring.  My mind is spinning as I'm thinking of other innovative ways I can use this handy traction footing for both the dogs and the people in our household. If you'd like to try Puppy Treads yourself,and get a 10% discount, contact the company at Enter a discount code of BLOG2015 to receive a site-wide 10% discount!

I'd like to thank the Puppy Treads folks for sending me this product to test.  I highly recommend them.  They are not cheap, but they are affordable quality.  When you consider the cost of refinishing stairs, or mending a hip or other broken bone caused yb a fall on slippery steps, the cost of Puppy Treads is downright irresistible!

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