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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lizzie's New Treat

Lizzie's new chew-things came in the mail yesterday:  they're real deer antlers!  Flint River Ranch, the dog food company I proudly represent, has added these great new dog treats to its inventory.

The antlers are "natural sheds" found in the wild.  This means no deer had to die...they simply shed their antlers each year as they are supposed to.  They're from North American white-tail deer.  They're clean and odor-free and totally edible--although it will take your dog a long time to go through one.

I've long been an advocate of old-fashioned "Nylabones," and I still am.  But these antlers are several notches up in value, yet virtually the same price as Nylabones.  The antlers probably won't last as long as a Nylabone (which can withstand years of chewing).  The antlers will, however, clean your dog's teeth, safely satisfy his urge to chew, and provide him with protein.  If your dog can chew down a hard Nylabone in three days, he can probably chew an antler in two days.  If it takes your dog six months to chew down a Nylabone, expect the antler to last half that time.  That's just a guesstimate, of course, but that's not bad, considering the specialness of what you're giving him.

The antlers come in three-packs of five different sizes.  Lizzie's antlers are "Large."  You can see how interested she is in them!  And you can see she's been asked to share them with little brother Angus.

The antlers start at $19.99 for a three-pack of smalls.  Again, that's about $6.50 each...the same price as (or even less than) a Nylabone.  You can order them from my Flint River Ranch website.  They come parcel post (unlike the dog food which comes via UPS) and your package should arrive in about 10 days.  Remember that SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in the price.

Go here to order:  If you don't see my face on the home page, it's not the right website.

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