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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Contest: Free Sweatshirt

Free to the right home:  My "Big-Dog Mom"  sweatshirt.  XL, purple, perfect condition, warm and hefty, and chock full of good "karma."

This great sweatshirt was worn once a month--for Puppy Parenting Class at Manning Dog Training--for the better part of a dozen years, but it's still in mint condition because it was handled with loving care.

I don't need it anymore, since I'm no longer a parent of "big dogs," and particularly our Swissies who could have been models for the famous logo.  I now proudly sport a "Pit Bull Mommy" shirt for similar occasions.

So...I figure this very special sweatshirt should go to someone who grasps its "gravitas," who will appreciate its heritage and energy, and who will wear it with dignity. 

If you want it, tell me why and I'll choose the new home from the responses I get.  I'm truly sentimental about this shirt, so I want it to end up in the best place.

Contact me (Jan) here!

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