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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks for coming back

Thank you to all you Flint River customers for coming back to the food your dogs love best.

Over the past year some of you strayed away to experiment with other brands that were supposedly just as good but less expensive. By now many of those folks have returned to Flint River Ranch, after being disappointed by their dogs' overall health, lack of enthusiasm, and virtually no cost savings with those other brands.

The president of Flint River Ranch recently sent out a letter to all the distributors and told them that Flint River Ranch sales were actually UP in the past two months...despite our shaky economy...primarily because customers who had gone elsewhere were returning to Flint River Ranch for their pets' food.

You won't find a more healthful food for anywhere near the price of Flint River Ranch. All natural, no fillers, human-grade ingredients, oven baked for high digestibility, absolutely delicious, and delivered to your door via UPS. Order at my website today and you should have your food in about 5 business days or less. Your pets will thank you for coming back to the "good stuff." Click here to order!

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