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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dog expelled from boarding facility

Photo: Laurie Mosher, owner of K-9 Country Club in Yakima, the best boarding facility in the Northwest.

We have never had any trouble with our dog ever biting anyone AT ALL. But the vet said she tried to bite the person who is assigned to care for them when we boarded her last. The only time she bites at anything around us or our guests at our home is when we are playing with her with a dog toy. The vet has said he won't take her as board anymore because she tried to bite one of them. Nilla is a small dog and the only thing I can think of is she was scared or intimidated by them. Is there any guidance you can give on preparing for boarding or your thoughts of what may have happened? Or where could we take her now? We live in the Lower Yakima Valley.


Dear Linda,
As I recall Nilla is a chihuahua, and this is what lots of chihuahua-types do when they're scared. They get EXTREMELY defensive. The kennel staff apparently was neither interested nor skilled in dealing with this type of behavior, so they're choosing to not take her again.

If I were you, I'd take her to K-9 Country Club in Yakima. This is literally the ONLY boarding facility I'd use for my own dogs, even if it meant driving 200 miles out of the way to get them there. Laurie, the owner, is a licensed veterinary technician with 20+ years' experience. She knows dogs and deals with them like a skilled kindergarten teacher deals with her kids. Nilla would not only benefit from the boarding experience, but she'd actually start to ENJOY it after a day or so.

K-9 Country Club is squeaky clean, pleasant, and well staffed. The owner lives on-site, so the dogs get 24-hour supervision. They benefit from doggy daycare play during the day, and go to bed tired. They're also segregated by size.

The best way to get Nilla prepared for an extended stay at this or any other good boarding facility is to take her for day visits or doggy daycare. If you can manage it, leave her for one night at the kennel of your choosing. Try not to make too big a deal out of leaving her there OR picking her up. Act as if this is just a "random event" and life is full of them.

Meanwhile, call Laurie at K-9 Country Club, 509-453-9663, or check out her website. Good luck with your next boarding!

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