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Monday, October 20, 2008

Makes Me Want to SCREAM

I just got a call from a lady in our little town who acquired a black and white Pomeranian less than two weeks ago. She'd called me three days ago for advice on how to stop him from "marking" all over the kitchen. Today she called to ask, "Where can I take this dog to get rid of him?"

It was her husband's idea to take this dog in the first place, which had been offered "free" in the local paper. This would have been the dog's fourth home. The third owner surrendered the dog, allegedly because she developed allergies. We all know that probably wasn't the case. No one had ever bothered to housebreak this dog, so he got passed on to home after home. Today there was no convincing her that she could fix the problem. The dog, she said, was creating so much tension between her husband and her that it had to go. And I could hear it in her voice, so I didn't press the issue.

I told her the local shelter was full (it is) and I had no advice for her. For the dog's sake, I almost wanted to suggest she have him euthanized rather than subject him to yet more irresponsible owners who didn't want to take the time necessary to TRAIN the poor dog to potty outside.

Of course I'm preaching to the choir here. You all can relate to my frustration. What's the answer? YOU must go out and preach the "gospel" to the uninformed!! YOU must help educate dog owners and potential dog owners of this fact: ALL DOGS CAN BE TRAINED. Their "mistakes" are not the dog's fault, but the fault of people who are too lazy or ill-informed to help the dog.

Poms are wonderful dogs--smart, feisty, sharp as tacks. Cute too. It's a shame that this one is being wasted on bad owners.

Anyone want him? He's neutered and I guess a couple years old. He's here in Thompson Falls, Montana. Contact me if you're interested and maybe we can still save him from the clutches of more abusive people. 406-827-6385.

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