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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Please Help "Wags to Riches"

Yakima's newest rescue group needs your help. (So do all the other rescue groups, but we're featuring this one this month.) "Wags to Riches" is a no-kill sanctuary group, some of whose members used to belong to Yakima Valley Pet Rescue. (With so many animals in need of rescue, there can never been too many groups!)

Last week we ran a plea for dog food to be sent to "Wags to Riches," c/o Donna Prime. We're sweetening the pot this week: order Flint River Ranch dog or cat food delivered to "Wags to Riches," and I will make a 15% donation to the group. In other words, order a 20-pound bag of dog food for $29.99, have it sent to the group, and I will personally donate $4.50 to the group, in your name.

The promotion starts today, July 20, and runs through Thursday, July 31. Order the food at http://www.myflintriver.com/. In the "Ship to" section, put this:
Wags to Riches, c/o Donna Prime
3506 S. 3rd St.
Union Gap, WA 98903.

If you'd like more info on "Wags to Riches," check them out on http://www.petfinder.com/.

1 comment:

Moonbeam said...

I heard from a good friend that you can use animal hair? My Missouri Fox Trotter is losing his woolly winter coat. I'd be happy to save you a baggy (or a garbage bag!).
Marni Floyd