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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why Pay More for Less?

Dear Jan,
As a returning customer of Flint River Ranch, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this product. We live 12 miles from town. A trip into town and back now costs me about $6 in gas. The last time I went to the pet store to buy the food I wanted, they were out. Another time I got there too late and they'd closed. Granted, I did some other errands while I was in town, but I wasted the gas (and time) going to the pet food store...and got home in a bad mood!

The fact that Flint River Ranch food is delivered to my home is almost too good to be true. Now I can get the best food for my dog and two cats. The UPS man brings it to my doorstep, usually about three days after I order it.

I thought I was getting a better deal on another brand, and now I can see that I'm not. My dogs are happier to be back on the Flint River because it tastes better...and I don't have to go searching around town to find the "right stuff." Will gladly pay $30 to get 20 pounds of Flint River on my doorstep!

Thanks for offering this product!

Lavern F.
White Pine, MT
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