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Monday, June 30, 2008

He Rejected the Blue Buffalo

Carol recently bought some expensive Blue Buffalo dog food for her puppy last time she drove to Spokane. She's one of my students here in northwestern Montana, where the nearest major shopping area is about 100 miles away.

Blue Buffalo is really good food. It's expensive too...more expensive than Flint River Ranch. When her dog tasted the Flint River Ranch kibble I handed out as treats in class one night, Carol saw how much he enjoyed it.

"I ordered some Flint River Ranch. When it arrived three days later, I mixed it in with the Blue Buffalo," she says. "Bailey nibbled all around the Blue Buffalo and left it in the dish. But all the Flint River Ranch disappeared!"

She's now convinced that you need not buy the most expensive food to get something phenomenally good. A bag of Flint River Ranch kibble is about $29.99, delivered. All natural, no by-products, no chemicals of any kind. And it wins the taste test, paws down.

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