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Monday, May 26, 2008

Why Cathy Martin Trusts Flint River Ranch Food

"We actually started using Flint River Ranch dog food , when our 8 year old Lab was getting a little arthritic in her back legs. The medicine the vet gave her didn’t agree with her tummy. After our Cleo was on the Flint River Ranch "Senior Plus" formula with glucosamine, she was showing much improvement! And the cost was much less in the long run. We lost our Cleo to old age 3 years later, but have introduced our newest Lab, Annie, to the benefits of Flint River. She loves it! And the fact its delivered to my door, we love it. I like the fact that there is no added garbage to what she is eating, and I never have a problem with weight gains."—Cathy Martin, Yakima

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