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Monday, April 28, 2008

She Prefers to Chew Antiques

Julie Richardson says...
When Callie was a puppy - before we took her to Jan at Manning Dog Training - we left her alone for a few hours - uncrated. That was a mistake. Callie chewed the legs of my grandparent's piano, chewed a rocking chair that came over in a covered wagon, and chewed the rungs through on a couple of Ethan Allan dining room chairs. I cried...I mostly cried because I knew it was my fault and it could have been avoided. I still get sick when I think about it. We crated her whenever we left her from then on. We called The Bon furniture department and they recommended a man who comes into your home to fix wooden furniture. The legs don't look quite the same but people can't tell unless they get really close.

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