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Monday, April 28, 2008

Horror Story: She Ate The Godfather

Melissa says...
When Bergere was young (not a puppy, but maybe about 2 yrs old) she ate my friend's wallet. A beautiful leather wallet. I, naturally, offered to pay for a replacement- it was a $75 wallet! I've never in my life owned a wallet that cost more than $20 and this was a time when I'd been laid off & money was very tight. I had to spend $75 on a wallet that I didn't get to keep!

Another time Ber ate my brother in law's collector set of The Godfather DVDs. We paid to replace them too. To make matters worse, we found out later my brother in law didn't even want them. Another $50 down the drain. Ber has eaten jeans & socks, a denim skirt, a wicker basket, multiple stuffed animals, it just goes on & on. She's torn up the couch cushions & my daughter's favorite throw pillow. We know she needs to be crated when we leave, but sometimes we're too lazy to do it. I'd like to think I can trust her but she is like a child & gets bored. She's also frightened that someone will break into the house (we were broken into a few years ago), so she shows her fierce-ness by attacking the couch cushions where the mailman can see her.

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