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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Help! I Need Your Horror Stories!

Left: The Crime. Right: The Perp.

OHHHHH-OHHHHHHH!!!!!! My dog is in serious hot water. We left her alone in the house all day yesterday and she ate one of my husband's prized $235 Schnee hunting boots.

He's ready to send her back to the Safeway parking lot on North 5th from whence she came.

It's been a long time since we've had a dog that chewed stuff out of separation anxiety, and he's forgotten that nearly all of them have done it at some time.

I need your help! Misery loves company, and my husband is miserable right now! Send me your own horror stories so I can share them with him (and everyone else who reads this blog). WHAT HAS YOUR DOG DESTROYED? HOW DID YOU FEEL, AND HOW DID YOU FEEL ABOUT IT NOW? E-mail them to me at: Please allow me to edit them for length, as necessary. You don't have to use your name if you don't want!


Shannon said...
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Lonna said...

Jan, I am so sorry about your husband's Schnee hunting boot. My husband took one look at the photo and cringed. Your husband has our deepest sympathy! The best sympathy story my husband could come up with is when Cait,(our golden retriever) chewed up the insert from my husband's Danner hunting boots during hunting season. He didn't have a chance to go to "town" to get another insert and had to wear his crappy slick hunting boots to drag out his elk that season. He slipped and slid all over the mountain getting it out and was not happy. My own sad dog-eating-precious-items story happened when Caitlin's great Aunt Molly was a youngster. My husband and I were both at work and my husband came home for lunch. When he opened the door he walked in and saw that my beloved 1930's era couch was totally destroyed. The mohair fabric that covered it was shredded and the horsehair stuffing was pulled out and ALL OVER THE LIVING room floor. I loved that couch. My husband also notice that Molly was missing. He made the assumption that I had come home, freaked out at the damage, and took Molly out and shot her. (I would NEVER have done that!) At any rate, he was cleaning up the mess when he heard a noise in the guest bedroom. He went in the bedroom and heard another noise coming from the closet. He looked in the closest and there was Molly, hiding. That little devil KNEW she had done a very very bad thing! I grieved the loss of my beautiful couch. I was heart sick and sick to my stomach over it. I went through all the 7 stages of grief. I am thinking that was the last time she ever chewed up anything that wasn't meant to be chewed. She ended up being a wonderful, smart dog. She has been gone for five years now and I still miss her. I no longer miss the couch!