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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good News! Isabel Is Found!!

Last week I posted about Isabel, the lost cattle dog in Bellevue. Great news yesterday from her owner, Lori:

Hi Jan,
Just wanted to let you know that Isabel was found today, 12 days after being lost. She was thin, dirty, and tired but got a clean bill of health from the vet. She was avoiding people and ended up in a secluded neighborhood near a creek within a mile from where she was lost. Fortunately someone saw our flier and called to let us know she was in the area. We hired a search and rescue expert with a search dog to narrow down her location. He then recommended we leave our scent and some of her toys in one specific spot to keep her in the area. We left out some food this morning and a neighbor called to say she was there eating. We showed up with a dog she knows and walked the area. She eventually came out of hiding to see her friend and we scooped her up. I'm the happiest person on the planet.

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Melissa Christianson said...

I'm so glad! This update has made my day.