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Sunday, December 9, 2007

The "Best of" List, 2007.....

Over the course of many years and a whole lots of dogs (my own and everyone else's), I've had the chance to test and use virtually every dog product on the market, and to form some very strong opinions. Below is a partial list of "Jan's Best Of..."
Best orthopedic dog bed: Start with a cover from L.L. Bean (watch for their on-line sales). These covers are expensive but worth it because they're super-tough. Next, cut a piece of “memory foam” into a size to fit your dog bed cover. You can buy excellent memory foam mattress toppers at Costco, and cut several dog beds from one big piece.

Best cheap dog beds: Costco, of course.

Best leash for comfort and control: The EZDog leash, hands down! Still only available in Yakima at Manning Dog Training, or you can get them from the manufacturer (for more $$) at

Best dog tag: military-style “dog tags,” embossed metal. Just Google “military dog tags” and you'll find several sites offering these for pets. They DO NOT WEAR OUT! And they're VERY inexpensive!

Best dog food: Flint River Ranch, of course, because it contains no chemicals, fillers, or yucky stuff like most popular dog foods. And because shipping to your home is FREE.

Best dog treats: homemade dried liver, dried chicken, dried mackeral. If you don't want to stink up your house, buy them ready-made. Zukes is a good brand. No preservatives, no chemicals.

Best rubber dog toy: the original black Kong, medium size.

Best hard chew toy: Nylabones in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Best exercise toy for fetchers: Chuck-It Tennis ball launching wand and a package of balls.

Best kennel: In Yakima, it's K-9 Country Club. Call early; they're usually full!

Best behavior & manners training: Manning Dog Training in Yakima, Washington. If you're in Boise, Idaho, it's The Dog House. If you're in L.A., it's Cesar Millan.

Best dog novel: Nop's Trials, especially if you have a border collie. Finally released in paperback!

Best command: “Curb!”

Best odor/stain remover: “Nature's Miracle.” Don't bother with anything else.

Best dog dish: Brake-Fast dish, slows eaters and aids in digestion. Manning Dog Training in Yakima usually has them.

Best dog training books: Cesar's Way, and Be the Pack Leader, both by Cesar Millan.

Best place to buy dog toys: Manning Dog Training in Yakima. Jane and her crew have really good stuff at prices that make Petsmart, Petco and Big R blush with shame.

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